How Getting Strong can make you Shine (and reduce stress)

How Getting Strong can make you Shine (and reduce stress) What do you do for ‘stress management’? Eat more food? Stop eating food? Drink more wine? Lie in bed ….thinking…about the food and wine you have or haven’t eaten or drunk…..with the darkness of the night and a ticking clock as company?….. So how’s that…

Can having a PT really help?

Common Misconceptions about ‘Personal Trainers’ -We all like running (and we’ll make you run)- FALSE- I ‘used to’ run a lot. It started to knacker my body and made me ‘skinny fat’ so I stopped. If you hate running and are ‘put off a PT as you worry they’ll make you do nothing but run….

New year new me

So the New Year has arrived and the gym is full. Two camps can be seen. In the Red Corner the ‘no nonsense gun show’ of the regulars, growl and sneer at the newcomers for touching their ‘free weights and ‘breathing in their experienced gym air’. In the Blue corner the ‘I’ve eaten too much’…

Eat or not to eat…what diet is the answer?

Why LOW CALORIE DIETS DONT WORK. A BIG SHOUT out to all the LOW CALORIE JANUARY DIET CREW Lets start by saying GOOD FOR YOU- you have taken a step motivated by a drive for better health. However lets talk about whether or not you are going about this in the ‘best way’ for you….