New year new me

So the New Year has arrived and the gym is full. Two camps can be seen. In the Red Corner the ‘no nonsense gun show’ of the regulars, growl and sneer at the newcomers for touching their ‘free weights and ‘breathing in their experienced gym air’. In the Blue corner the ‘I’ve eaten too much’ at Christmas ‘New Year New Me Team’, shuffle nervously around the matted section, in their new gym clothes, clutching to any cardio machine that they ‘know what to do with’. ……

The Red Corner know that by the end of Jan the gym will rightfully be all theirs again, but in the mean time we’ll make those newcomers know their place………

Does this sound familiar?

Starting a New Exercise plan is hard for anyone. But in my view Confidence is the key to Keep you motivated. If you feel nervous or are made to feel unwelcome in any kind of fitness environment,  then chances are any plans you make will fall as fast as your bank balance in December.

I like to think I can ‘hold my own’ in a gym, but make no mistake, gaining confidence with fitness and training comes only with time, knowledge and consistency. Even I can remember being in that ‘blue corner’ and thinking my ‘hour on the treadmill’ would make me look like Jennifer Ennis. I have made and probably will make plenty of errors in the training room so know that you are not alone.

LEARNING HOW to TRAIN EFFECTIVELY and repeating a progressive training plan are the absolute key to feeling confident in the gym. Seeing PROGRESS instead of judging yourself by ‘just turning up’ is vital for this process.

LEARN ‘HOW’ TO KNOW ‘WHAT’ YOU ARE DOING. If you have a goal- contact a trainer- hire a coach and let them show you HOW. Get a plan in place, get to know a bit more about how your own body moves and the best way for YOU to achieve your goal. This will fill you with some of the secrets that the ‘Red Corner’ have learnt.

And Meanwhile for those of you in that ‘Red Corner’  (you know who you are ….how about we try:-

Offering advice to people who are clearly struggling- if you see someone pick something up with bad form or ‘curling in the squat rack ;)- chances are its as they don’t know any different. Helping people out once in a while wont kill you and the quicker they learn the faster they’ll get their training done.

Until then – make use of your extra rest periods. If someone is ‘taking too long’ on a piece of equipment -make use of your time- STRETCH. Move around. Pick up a kettlebell and work on your movement with a lighter weight and a fuller range of motion. Keep grounded – you are never to experienced to learn new stuff and you don’t know it all.

Thats all Folks- Good Luck out there to all the new and the old

IF you would like to learn how to use kettlebells to either supplement your existing training program or as a complete beginner. See below for our next workshop

#KBW xx

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