Can having a PT really help?

Common Misconceptions about ‘Personal Trainers’

-We all like running (and we’ll make you run)- FALSE- I ‘used to’ run a lot. It started to knacker my body and made me ‘skinny fat’ so I stopped. If you hate running and are ‘put off a PT as you worry they’ll make you do nothing but run. Fear not – Good PT’s will customise plans to their clients. Unless you are a runner then there is no need to ‘make you run’.

-We enjoy seeing people in pain and throwing up. FALSE. While I do believe that everyone has at least one ‘puke inducing workout in them’, if you associate feeling in pain and sick with seeing me then this is not a good sign. If it was I would have been a dentist 😉 (apologies all dentists), Starting off sessions slow and progressing your training at a rate that is suitable for your needs, body and nervous system is the key for longevity. Injuring a client by making them green or completing 10000 Burpees for time is not. Getting to know your ‘threshold’ is part of being a ‘PERSONAL trainer’.

-We are not ‘normal people’ and ‘don’t know whats its like’ to find things hard…feel tried…not want to train….find time to train….etc etc etc. FALSE. All trainers have their bad days. They work long hours and train themselves amongst this. In fact I work 2 very demanding jobs which means I get to see the ‘other side of professional life’. So I know its hard sitting at a desk all day, dealing with work stress. Doing this allows me to gain a personal insight into the difficulties faced on a day to day basis of ‘most clients’. I get it. I also have ‘solutions’ as I use them myself. Whether this be about pre-prepping food in an office with no fridge, or how to deal with tight hips from being seated. I know what its like.

-We all live off extreme low Calorie Diets and want to look like physique models. FALSE. ‘Bodybuilders /and fitness models’ get ‘that look’ by monitoring their diets to the last bit of broccoli that passes their lips each day. They work very very hard to get ‘that look’, but the biggest emphasis is on their diet. When they complete or are photographed, most of them will tell you that this is not their ‘healthiest or strongest’ position. As a Trainer I need to be in my ‘healthiest and strongest position’ hence being excessively thin or of a very low body fat is not my goal. Weight Training is the method I use to gain strength and lean muscle mass whilst allowing me to pretty much eat (within reason) whatever I want. This is my goal. This is the method I find most helpful, realistic and enjoyable for my client group. Yes we will help you look at ‘healthful diet choices’ but placing you on a very restrictive low calorie diet for most people will not work long term.

-We ‘care’ about our client’s progress. TRUE. If you fail, we have failed too. Being ‘accountable’ to someone works both ways.

If you would like help with your New Year Training Goals, (without being forced to run, puke  or placed on a diet of lettuce …) Contact

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