How Getting Strong can make you Shine (and reduce stress)

How Getting Strong can make you Shine (and reduce stress)

What do you do for ‘stress management’?

  • Eat more food?
  • Stop eating food?
  • Drink more wine?
  • Lie in bed ….thinking…about the food and wine you have or haven’t eaten or drunk…..with the darkness of the night and a ticking clock as company?…..

So how’s that working for you?

We’ve all been there I’m sure- stress is part of life.

BUT WHAT IF there was a way to make ourselves more resilient-less angst riddled-and more capable human beings?

WHAT IF Kettlebells were your answer?

It sounds pretty strange to think that a small round piece of iron with a handle can help you cope with problems in life, however I can tell you from both personal and professional experience, how gaining physical strength will make you confident. It will help you deal with whatever life throws at you (on top of this, and as a side note, you can both challenge men to arm wrestles and sometimes win….along with being able to open all of the jars…all of the time 🙂

Kettlebell Training requires:-



-Skill development


-Sets and helps you achieve Physical Goals

-Mental Drive

These are all ‘transferable skill’s for life, all of which are ‘not conducive’ to being consistently stressed, worried or angst riddled.

Once you stop saying I can’t, I don’t have time + then start saying I can, I will, your mindset changes about a whole heap of things.

If you feel in control and know you are in control of your own physical capabilities then you feel as though you ‘win’ every day (even if its a small win, or a small step forward)-its all about perspectives)


You may not win a diamond but it can help you feel like one.

(Side note- once you start kettlebell training- the food, wine and sleep bit just naturally takes care of itself)

If you would like to learn how to be a brighter, shinier and more resilient human being- Contact


Small Group


All Levels

The Commando Temple_Stong Man Workshop

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