Becoming a More Capable Human Being

Becoming A More CAPABLE Human Being.

Ok so this post I’m afraid is predominantly directed at the ladies, but it may well resonate with anyone who has experienced a feeling of weakness in their lives.

I have not always been or felt strong. In fact I don’t ‘always feel strong’ either. There are days I want to hide under the covers. There are days I don’t like the world too. However, I believe that in ‘comparison’ to the ‘average person’ I am possibly ‘stronger’ than many. I say this not as means to boast but as a way to encourage those who may feel like quitting a task they may have set. 

For me, going through the ‘process’ of setting yourself a goal (regardless of whether you achieve it or not) will help you gain more than you have set out to do. This is the key to strength.

But what does this mean for day to day life and why does it matter? Not everyone cares about how much weight is on a bar bell and unless you are a ‘serious gym goer’ being able to add weights to pull ups is possibly not that impressive.

My thoughts on strength all relate to a question I asked my partner

“why do you like it that I am strong”?

His response was telling

“Because it makes you a more capable person”.

For me this hits the nail on the absolute head as to why I like training to gain strength (and dislike training or engaging in anything else that makes me feel otherwise, for that matter).

Being a Capable Human Being.

Capability is defined as being:-

“able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent”

Now whats not to like about this?

When you set yourself a task in life or are facing a time that requires true strength, then the feeling of being ‘able to achieve whatever one has to do’, is something that money will never be able to buy.

For me this cant be ‘learnt at school either’. It must be experienced and gained. In fact it must be earn’t. You don’t just ‘wake up strong’ or wake up competent’. You go through difficulties and overcome them. You try things that don’t work out and move on. You set yourself goals. You achieve them. You learn how and when to progress and regress, despite having a million reasons as to why you should fail. You ‘just do’ instead of pulling out every ‘excuse in the book’.

These issues transfer from the toughest training plan to the ‘path of life’.

I heard this week that plastic surgery has seen an increase for the first time -with fat loss surgery being the biggest to progress. With my views on plastic surgery aside, my first thought was to feel sympathy for such people.

They will not know not of how it feels to be ‘competent’ or ‘strong’ having ignored the process of learning that this entails.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a man who knows much more than most people probably ever will about getting strong and being capable …..

If you would like to learn how to feel and gain strength.

Contact Kettlebellwarriors@gmail.comIMG_0572

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