Do you Fear ‘Bulking up’?…. Read on

“I don’t want to lift weights as I don’t want to put on ‘too much muscle”

So it seems a common theme continues amongst (predominantly but not exclusively) my female clients, that although the search for ‘toned arms’ continues, there are some worries out there that you may end up looking like Arnie just by looking at a Kettle-bell.

So here we have it some facts, and fiction about the ‘muscle tone’ debate.

-Visible TONE IS MUSCLE- You don’t BUILD or GROW TONE you build and grow MUSCLE. So if you are looking for any kind of ‘curved shape’ or ‘definition’ to your body then I’m afraid your goal lies in MUCLE GROWTH.

-MUSCLE GROWTH is HARD – Believe me when I say this ladies. Testosterone is a key hormone for growth which we have in very small amounts. This not the only factor in terms of growing muscle and seeing that muscle. We need to look at nutrition- sleep-stress levels- genetics-training frequency-overload rest recovery….the list goes on. Yes as a complete beginner you may begin to see a ‘little muscle’ quite quickly however the idea that muscle will continually grow without the above being taken into account is WRONG.

-MUSCLE IS YOUR FRIEND- WHY? Apart from looking cool, and making you feel great, Muscle protects you from many health related problems- it helps to strengthen bones. It helps control and raise your metabolism, it helps with postural problems and imbalances. You know that ache you feel every time you run or sit down that you take painkillers for?…..This is the area I’m covering here. Muscle has millions of benefits not just aesthetic.

-Cardio will help me grow muscle- Long distance cardio will work your heart. (This is great if your goal is to work your heart or to get good at long distance cardio). BUT this will do little (in fact I would say it is actually counterproductive) when trying to increase muscle, or tone or anything that involves strength. You may burn some fat which will allow any existing muscle to show through, but thats were this stops.

-I’m going to do a high protein diet instead – OK so yes having enough protein each day will contribute to muscle maintenance, but stuffing your face with chicken each day without providing any resistance I’m afraid just wont get you a six pack. Protein + a progressive weight training programme will.

If you are looking to grow muscle or change your body shape- GET IN TOUCH

kettlebellwarriors@gmail.comWEIGHTS BULKY

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