As Promised Folks- the Recipe for my ‘Secret Breakfast Weapon’. This is the easiest cake you will ever make, and holds a nutritional punch in the protein steaks! This is my go to for something sweet without the guilt…….

Banana Protein Loaf


Chocolate Protein Powder x 1-2 scoops (I use Monkey Nutrition Primal26)

2 x Bananas Mashed

1 x Medium Egg

1 x Bag of red and white pre cooked Quinoa (most bags are 250 grams)

1 x Tablespoon of cinnamon

1 x Tablespoon full of peanut butter

1 x tea spoon of baking powder

1x Spoon of Coconut Oil

Mix the above together – Add to a loaf tin (greased with coconut oil)- add to pre heated oven (170-180 Degrees) for around 30 minutes. Keep checking just in case oven temperatures vary.

Voila – Cake for breakfast- here I served it with blueberries and greek yoghurt – YUM










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