As Easter draws into full swing inevitable thoughts turn to our next spring/summer break. Holiday season will soon be upon us. Those Cream Egg cocktails you drank over the weekend wont be able to hide behind that bikini you stored away last year…and so the ‘health plan’ that your ‘friend’ ‘got skinny’ on starts on Monday ….no carbs, no sugar, no dairy ……don’t forget grains …alcohol….…..anything in a  tin….jar or packet…gluten …and I’m sure I read that eggs were bad for us now too….;)?….

Easter has got me reflecting. In fact it has me making ‘observations’ about the often unfortunate ‘predictability’ that being a female brings. It seems that we are moulded into ‘thinking’ and acting in a way which brings about a repetitive unhelpful cycle of negativity and self loathing. One that I very rarely see in Men. So I’m known for my honesty and its about time we jumped off the bandwagon girls. Lets put our realist hats on and see where it takes us……..So before Monday brings about a world of ‘too much chocolate guilt’…Lets change our perspective of how we think. Things aren’t alway as they seem.

  • Your Skinny Friend who is always on a diet. Don’t envy that girl.

She has no muscle tone as her body isn’t fed enough to grow any. This will hurt her in years to come. She isn’t happy. She wears lots of make up to try and hide the bags under her eyes. (As she likely doesn’t sleep). She can’t enjoy one of the most sociable universal things that brings people together- Food- Don’t be that girl. Look out for her. But don’t be her. And don’t envy her either – Secretly she wants to live like you. Its so much harder to ‘gain a healthy attitude around food’ than it actually is to ‘eat healthy food’. So keep the mind on that focus. Don’t be jealous….or want to look like (….insert stick thin celebrity…someone else). Be you. Think about health. Eat for Health- if you still don’t like yourself after that then the issues you face aren’t something a body change will likely help.

  • The worry you feel about ‘that bit of skin’ sticking out of your bikini.

Think about the 95 year old you. You will have wrinkled skin by then and likely a few other aches and pains. You’ll wish you lived your life aiming for happiness and good health (this will help reduce the aches and pains). You’ll wish you lifted a few more weights to protect your bones. You’ll wish you laughed more with your friends and family. You’ll wish you worried less. Worrying about fat bits will only ever place your body in a position where getting rid of those fat bits is more difficult. Take a walk- pick up some weights. Take action. But don’t worry about things that can be changed.

  • Eating a Burger, Pizza, Ice Cream or chocolate egg isn’t ‘cheating’. And eating Salad or Veggies isn’t ‘being good’.

We are adults. Cheating means to act ‘unfairly’. I ate a Burger this weekend, I felt great! I felt great as I know I eat well ‘most of the time’. I know I train hard ‘most of the time’ And the times when I don’t -I rest or relax. I have learnt the art of ‘balance’. The act of balance in every part of your life will give you an advantage. When you ‘take out’ – make sure you ‘put back in’. There will be times the scales tip -thats ok -thats life but keep the feelings of guilt or negativity away from this. Forget cheat meals – Negative association with food is unhelpful.  One persons ‘good can be another persons evil’- its all about perspective.  Give yourself a healthful goal and work towards it. Goals are positive. Cheating is dishonest.

  • Looking After yourself isn’t selfish. Not looking after yourself is.

You are a daughter- a mum- a wife -a friend – a worker. People need you and rely on you. So give yourself time out. If this ‘time out’ means you ‘indulging’ in you (going to the gym- preparing some veggies for your lunch box- taking ten minutes meditation- or a power nap- DO IT!!!) Get into a habit of this. I don’t have time= I am not making time for ME. If you want to gain respect from others, you need to give it to yourself first. Creating a routine habit of making time to develop yourself and ‘maintain’ your health will make you a better mum- wife -friend……in the long term. WHY?- Because those who look after themselves GLOW – those that don’t ….hit fatigue……They don’t enjoy their easter eggs…….

Love to know your feedback- or if this rings any Easter Bells ……….?

#Balance #Easter #GuiltFree

EASTER bunny

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