Get it Done (and My Mum)



So I’m just about ‘coming round’ to the land of reality to write this post after a Bank Holiday Monday spent with a slight difference to most. On Monday I took part in a MILLION KILO WEIGHT LIFTING CHALLENGE which I was invited to, arranged by a good friend and old Coach of mine (Ged O Hara) at his gym- RA Fitness in Northwich.

The event was placed to raise money for the fantastic St Lukes hospice who provide care for those suffering with life threatening + changing illness. Those who go to St Lukes are sometimes nearing the end of their lives, others have no other ‘outside activity or stimulation’ (than that of family and friends who visit them at their homes).-Nursing or working with anyone suffering with these types of illnesses takes courage, patience and care that I am left in total awe of. This is not withstanding the amount of strength it takes for those who suffer with such illness to positively get through each day.

So with a target to hit- the reality of lifting a Million Kilo’s is no mean feat. Believe me when I say the ‘aftermath’ of any kind of endurance lifting isn’t pretty (stairs become mountains….sleep is just about your only friend). But with that aside, the overall atmosphere of the event raised so many happy vibes ….that no amount of bodily stiffness can place a dampener on the success.

For those who attended the event there were a huge range of mixed abilities in terms of strength. What was common amongst everyone there though was the over-riding ‘principal of GETTING IT DONE’! The task ahead was in sight. Everyone wanted to succeed. Whether that meant lifting a 200Kilo Bar or a 8 Kilo gram Kettlebell, Ged’s friends, team and gym members cracked on- so much so that we actually exceeded the 1 Million target by a long shot!

So – within this, arrived my mum. The first time i have seen her out of the house for almost 11 months. To say I’m amazed she came is an underestimation. But I secretly think she wanted to see everyone ‘get it done’ with her own eyes and ‘she did’. Below is my Mum lifting her cup (2 x 10 reps filled with water), knocking 2.5 Kilos off the total target. With now only limited movement in one hand – this was endurance training at its max for her. And I have no doubt this was tough. Getting out of the house was her first target to hit, but then adding to some actual lifts is something that I am not sure she thought she could do.

So for all those out there who feel their goals are out of sight or too dam tough. Let this post be a motivator that sometimes ‘life is about putting aside your worries, fears and negativity’.

Courage, strength and motivation comes in all shapes and sizes so just pick up the cup and GET IT DONE 😉

To help raise money for sponsorship towards Ged’s Million Kilo Lift- please see the link below. Thank you EVERYONE


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