Thought I’d update my VERY NEGLECTED blog with this absolutely divine adaptation to (no other than Mr Jamie Oliver’s) ‘charred eggs and avocado’. I mean who am I to improve on Jamie (but he hasn’t met SuperSlaw yet so we’ll forgive him……;)

I’m a bit of a recipe rebel when it comes to cooking. I rarely weigh or measure what goes in the pan. I do however TRACK the Macronutrients and Sugar (YES EVEN NATURAL SUGAR) which for me is a much more beneficial way of eating.

(NB There are ALOT of very ‘clean’ eating advocates out there, who totally ignore this principle and I’ve had many clients following clean eating plans actually increase their body fat due to this reason! Remember to TRACK–Its worth bearing in mind that eating large amounts of (even good) fats and (even natural) sugar can still be BAD for HEALTH. EVEN if they are CLEAN/unprocessed or NATURAL)

Personally and in general-  My Meals are planned around

-Vegetables + a good quality source of Protein-in large amounts


Fat/Carbohydrates/Sugars in lesser amounts (from predominantly natural sources)- then I tend not to worry about the rest. This is an EASY way to to plan most meals regardless of your goal.

I VARY the actual amounts of Carbohydrate, Fats, and Sugar, depending on my activity that day.

Having found great success from applying this ‘Eat to Perform’ mentality its amazing what a difference this has made to how I view nutritional planning (***Big Shout out to the Eat to Perform Team and Dr Mike Nelson- who I’ve had the good fortune to study with- and feel in a much stronger and knowledgable position from it).

Now enough of all of this talk – Lets Cook.


1 small red onion

1 large avocado

And Pan Fry over a griddle in oil (coconut oil is very in fashion I know…which generally puts me off things- but it is better to use to heat with, in general, as it is able to withstand high temperatures)

Peel in

1 small sweet potato (use  potato peeler to obtain a ribbon effect)

Pan Fry for further 3-4 minutes

Add in ***SuperSlaw (recipe below) and dig a pocket out in the centre

Add in

4 eggs into the pocket

Heat until eggs are cooked through

Serve with a Large dollop cottage cheese!!


*****For the SuperSlaw (recipe is subject to copyright)

cook 12 cherry tomatoes in olive oil under a low heat for approx 30 minutes

Blend or chop

12 celery sticks


1 full bag sugar snap peas +

A large handful of basil

Add in

A few handfuls of spinach

Take the tomatoes and pour (the now runny tomatoes) over the veggies

Dress with SS dressing (a dollop of red pesto with white wine vinegar)

ENJOY!!! xx

Jamie Meets SuperSlaw






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