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Need an insurance policy against AGEING?- Let me try and sell you some MUSCLE ?

As a Personal Trainer- I get asked ALOT about all things FITNESS …..

-whats the best way to get a six pack?

-whats the best thing to get rid of……..x…y….z?

-do you eat dairy?

-are you really ‘good with your food’?

-do carbs make you fat?

I am a ‘questioner’ myself (put me near a doctor or a pilot and you’ll see…) so I do appreciate intrigue. But so many people ‘assume’ that my drive to stay fit or strong relates to a stereotypical ‘women’s health’ advert type plan. To look ripped and show how ‘clean I can eat’ – I can honestly say are not my long term goals. They may be ‘part of’ or ‘an occasional byproduct’ of my plan, but certainly they are not the passion behind the drive.

So Why do I train? -Is it because I like early mornings-blistered hands- fatigue-lactic acid… muscle stiffness……?

Or is it as I like the Personal Trainers at my gym….?


I can tell you

The answer you will see in the attached slide.

To do something that ‘my future self will thank me for’-

WHY- ? You will find your answer in Muscle. The anti ageing tissue.

As we age muscle loss (known as Sarcopenia) is said to DECREASE at a steady rate after the age of 30. For women this is an even bigger problem than for men, as genetically we do not possess or create muscle tissue at the same rates that men do (I like to think this is the payoff for being blessed with the multitasking brain)

So why do we need muscle?

Aesthetically- yes muscle and definition looks good- an athletic body of course gives off an impression of health and fitness. Just look at Anthony Joshua if you need a check on this 😉

But WHY ELSE does this matter? Health Insurance.

-Without muscle your body will age at a quicker rate. This is fact.

-Without muscle your bones will not be protected. This means your posture will alter. musculoskeletal weakness, aches and pains become common, leading to inactivity, and a loss of stamina.

-Your metabolism will decrease. This makes fat gain easier and fat loss harder. Carrying excess fat is associated with numerous health conditions which can effect quality of life and possible mortality.

-Research now even points to a decline in nerve signals between the brain and movement!

So lets think about muscle for what it is – HEALTH INSURANCE. This is why I train. There are many things in life you cannot guard against but taking steps in this area I see as being much more worthy than paying out later for ’emergency private health cover’.

So what can you do?

The best way to increase muscle is by introducing resistance based exercise (even for as little as 2 sessions a week) can have positive effects on metabolism, posture, blood flow and hormones. This in turn makes

  • YOUR METABOLISM increase- (NB This means out with the diets + in with MORE FOOD)

So there it is folks- MUSCLE – the new HEALTH INSURANCE COVER- Who’s in?!

For more information or queries regarding 1-1 resistance based training – Contact Jill at


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