MASSIVE THANK YOU and shout out to everyone who has mailed in requests and compliments about my for food creations!

As some of you may now know I am working with an agent in an attempt to get a book published-eeeeekkkk– so please excuse my lack of public posting for many of my SuperSlaw specials….keep everything crossed for me and you will soon have copies of your own to get creative with.

Anyway on that note- last night I did dream up this little number which in the words of my man was “the best dinner ever to come home to” after training about a zillion clients…..

So to keep you (and your man) happy- It does not take a lot of work (if it did I would be single 😉


-KEEP IT SIMPLE- if you lack time-inspiration or cooking knowledge stick with the basics- good quality protein -a good starchy carbohydrate – a little fat and LOTS  of VEGGIES of course.

DONT BE AFRAID of mixing things up- we don’t all need to have instagram creations- as long as it tastes good and fills you up- thats what counts!

So for my RAW Super-Broc-A-Mole

Blitz together chopped raw Broccoli-sugar snap peas-avocado -red chilli- and drizzle with lemon juice, olive oil and salt

For my Egg Fried Sweet potato Rice-NOW THIS IS DREAMY-steaming the potato really makes you realise how much of the flavour is lost when you boil it- TRY THIS AND you will be a convert-!

Blitz raw sweet potato in a blender- Place in a hot pan over a high heat and cook through for a few minutes. Turn the heat right down and cover with a lid- cook on a low heat until steamed (takes around 30-35 mins).

Finish my taking the heat back up and string in an egg- fry until the egg is cooked.

Serve both with a protein source for a full MACRO RICH MEAL.

ENJOY folks!


xxSweet potato rice




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