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So its seem that health-fitness -kale crisps and fooooodddiiiesss are this years cool- educational cats.

Its cool to be healthy-right? And knowing glowing ‘stuff’ about health and coconut oil, makes you an expert in everyone else-yes?

NO- I’m afraid not.

Make no mistake- I include myself in this list as even though I’ve worked and lived in this industry for over 13 years, I still learn new things every day. What I know now about things I ‘thought were fact’ in the past surrounding food -nutrition and training is a world apart from how things sit with me now. Its for this reason I continue to love learning new things -but by no means would I call myself an expert in anything…..other than the topic of ME……(and even then I get this wrong sometimes….;)

So just a few little tips in an attempt to EMPOWER those of you sitting at home who don’t think you know enough to make a change to your own health- diet- happiness and all round life, through fear that everyone else knows best.

Rule Number one-

Just remember the only person who knows your body- knows how you feel (inside) and how happy and healthy you are truly is YOU. Social media is full of people who look like they have the GLOW-telling you -you will glow too if you follow their path. ….This glow is usually filtered and taken over the course of around 20 shots to get the best angle.

People like to share experiences of what they think works -they will talk about their experiences being FACTual- as it ‘WORKED FOR THEM’- this is great – its how we develop knowledge but don’t forget the vast majority of ‘knowledge’ (particularly on the internet) is subjective, opinion based, filtered, without scientific backing, and in some way or other, working for a promotional purpose. Anyone can start a blog- calling yourself a fitness or nutrition expert- food consultant-life health coach blah blah blah has no regulation- ANYONE can do it- SO could YOU!

NOONE knows whether a diet-health or fitness plan will work for you other than YOU.

People can offer advice -but that is all it is- some people have advice based on extensive knowledge- and research- -others just ‘wing it’, based on what a magazine has said that month

When you get down to it- the simple fact of life is that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. We all respond to foods-life-stress-sleep-exercise methods in different ways. What (seemingly) ‘works’ for one person may not work for another.

A case example- take one genetically blessed media based -ectomorph (naturally thin person) with a fast metabolism ….eating ‘alkaline foods’ ….selling a linking product advising that this is what helped her look the way she does. She swears by it- everyone knows alkaline foods make you glow as they cleanse you and balance PH- right?-

Is this FACT? NO- (alkaline foods are generally ‘healthy’ yes- they contain numerous vitamins and minerals- and are mostly unprocessed – Will they change the PH of your blood ? No- I’m afraid not-)  sometimes fact wont sell so someone somewhere will package it -sell it -make it glowing and make some pseudoscientific claims- Most people don’t even know why they eat gluten free foods- they just do it as they were told it was ‘bad’…..

Look out for this.

Question things.

IF you want to try an alkaline or gluten free diet I say – DO IT-TRACK IT- if it makes you feel good – YAY-?! but see if it works for you, embrace the notion that you may well do even better with (dare I say it acidic) meat in your diet -embrace the notion that (acidic) grains with gluten may suit you- you may not have to be as extreme as some people claim you do.

Don’t make a judgement on the basis of what you are told. Make it on the basis of YOU. How you look- feel -sleep- how your energy levels are – what your blood tests say -what your immune system allows. Difference is the one constant in all of us.

Rule Number two

Always remember that like you, Fitness and Health bloggers live under considerable stress. Believe me when I say this -as I am often perceived to be ‘the healthy one’ ‘the fit one’- the one who is meant to look shiny and glowing. So on this basis I feel I can comment!

When you work in an industry of lets face it perfection -you are looked upon as a ‘fountain of glowing health’. But again this is always subjective.

-What if I was to say that as a strength trainer I often push my body to great amounts of stress in an attempt to get physically stronger- if I don’t rest enough after this my immune system is floored- my energy levels and moods can change drastically- is this healthy-

some may argue not?

-Those who instagram the ‘bikini or gym bra-I’ve been to the gym fitness shot’ ….do so at their best ever angle- Muscle shots are taken after a gym workout (when people have a muscle pump-it makes them look bigger)–Fake tan is used to accentuate muscular definition -shots are taken in the morning when water retention isn’t present-abs are drawn in and held in a brace position to make them look flatter,on an angle with the right lighting. -flexing muscles makes them look more defined….Do I need to go on?

Is living an image falsehood healthy-?

some may argue not?

-Full time bloggers spend their life on social media -they stare at screens all day- they lack vitamin D (apart from the walk they did and shared on instagram to tell you they went outside). They never switch off. They are distracted from reality by electronic devices- They compare themselves to other bloggers/ fitness-experts-

Stress and the ability to relax your mind and wellbeing is in my view one of the biggest overlooked  factors of health and wellbeing. So is this healthy?

some may argue not.

-Don’t judge yourself on what you think you see- it isn’t real. Health-fitness-nutrition advisors often have some great points to make and tips to share-some are dedicated to the point of obsession-some make money from it- others use it for a past time-  USE what works for you- But remember they are REAL people-just like YOU. 

And finally RULE number 3

Begin to embrace your own body and find what works for you. Now by this I mean stop comparing other peoples fitness- health- and body goals to your own. They will be different and you will respond in different ways to fitness methods dependant on your lifestyle.

An example.

‘Progress’ for me is making my glutes bigger and stronger-I know this would mean I can lift heavier weights, faster and with a more efficient movement.  BUT does this mean that every female wants a bigger -more rounded ass- probably not-! but thats ok- I know what works for me and what doesn’t – would running make this happen- No- would eating a low carb diet make this happen no! I’ve found what works for my goal- BUT this bears in mind…… some people like zumba- some like being skinny- some people don’t want to dedicate themselves to higher levels of training-

THATS ok !- just find your own path-embrace your own body changes-  You will only ever find this if you experiment and see.

LEARN it for yourself


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