BEFORE AND AFTER  How A Detox Tea helped me drop inches in days!!!


Well In fact No it didn’t I’m afraid I’m fibbing (sorry)


And I’m afraid so are the adverts-the expensive teas-the detox packages

I write this as the bikini season is upon us and plans for a new beach body hit home. At the same time it appears the latest gimmicks of cleanses, detoxes and tea bags that give you a six pack, dropping you inches appear to be everywhere (for a pretty stiff price tag for something that will probably just give you the runs……)

PLEASE- DONT be FOOLED by images.

I’m not one for bikini shots (I am afraid I like food too much for a full on six pack) BUT I am one for telling it ‘like it is’….and sharing the reality about companies that LIE to YOU.

-Six pack abs are made in the kitchen (not in a tea bag). They are a combination of watching almost every macronutrient that goes into your mouth, adding in a generous amount of sleep, rest, reduction in stress and ALOT of hard work in the gym combined. Yes you may every now and again get a genetic freak that does not have to do this. But they are rare believe me.

-ANYTHING that promises you will DROP WEIGHT FAST generally focuses on either a calorie reduction OR a way to make you lose water weight quickly (so that means going to the toilet). YES you may lose weight (and apparently inches) -but this WILL RETURN when you eat normally again. By this point your metabolism will have slowed. The most difficult clients I train are the ones who have dieted and dieted and detoxed over and over again. Their metabolisms are not in a healthy way-their bodies cling onto food. They have lost muscle mass (fat burning tissue). It is not a lot of fun trying to work with those that fall into this bracket. It takes ALOT longer for changes to be made to their body composition.

-When you see images like the one attached. THINK SENSE. If its too good to be true it probably is. They are doctored. This image of me was taken literally seconds apart. On two shots I have pushed my stomach out (as in the deep belly yoga breathing that we all should naturally embrace) and pointed the camera up. On the others I have lifted through my torso and pointed a camera downwards. This is taken with an i-phone- I haven’t even bothered to think about lighting or setting (so excuse the background mess) IMAGINE what I could do with a professional photographer and taking some time on this. THIS could be THE before and AFTER shot for a NEW DETOX SUPERDOOPER LIE TEA that I am about to sell (I wont as my mum taught me not to lie ; )

My best advise if you want to make changes is to forget bikini season- just think about now – think about life and start making


These are the ones that ‘don’t sell quick packages’

are more than likely going to

Last a lifetime

(not just a summer holiday)

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