So I’ve just returned from a week away in the beautiful hills of Corfu. The first week off I’ve had in what seems like forever……..

Holidays are SUCH a great way to relax, switch off and mix up your normal routine. BUT at the same time for someone who is pretty dam routine led they can also be a challenge. I’ve known clients WORRY about holidays as they are scared they will ‘fall off the food wagon’…gain fat…lose strength or come back having forgotten how to swing a kettle bell…….

So here are my TOP TIPS for dealing with HOLIDAYS and staying on track with your goals .

  1. WORRY LESS. STRESS LESS. RELAX more. Don’t forget the body and mind craves periods of downtime and recovery. This is such a hugely neglected area in modern day society. Science shows that fat loss and strength gains are impeded by a lack of recovery. So see this as an ‘area of fitness and health’ which requires as much dedication as your training and eating goals.

2. Choose MOVEMENT and MOBILITY over ‘TRAINING’. So I have to admit the first thing that me and my man do when we book a holiday is look to see if there is a gym in the hotel! Sad as some may think this is …thats just how we roll…..BUT and this is a BIG BUT when we hit the gym we do so knowing we are changing our routine from the usual sessions we do back at home. FOCUS on areas of neglect, foam rolling, massage, mobility. Don’t think about having a training session -think about trying new things.

Our hotel this year was at the bottom of a hill, so instantly we would incorporate hills and stair climbs as a little extra movement each day. We had a punch bag and some boxing gloves so messed around with boxing moves and practicing bodyweight movements with very little weight to focus on range of motion. All of these things will keep the body active whilst still allowing time for recovery.

3. Eat with the following principles in mind:-

  • FILL YOUR PLATE/MEALS with Veggies and protein first (always).

Our hotel was half board- that means breakfast and an evening meal facing a seriously good never ending feed if you let it. The food was amazing with HUGE amounts of it. (Adding to this was the fact that my man had just finished a three peaks challenge and was already worried about having to eat ENOUGH Kcals to make up for it! So Keeping up with him in the eating steaks would have been a fatal error on any fat loss plan).

I just stick with the general rule of FILLING MY PLATE with veggies, salad and protein first.  I try and eat GREENS until they are coming out of my ears……

  • THEN comes the Carbohydrates and fats at much lesser proportions. Don’t forget your body should be able to switch between using fats and carbohydrates depending on its activity. (NB This is of course if your metabolism is working well-and will differ form person to person). So a greater amount of Carbohydrates consumed for days I was more active, and a lesser amount or carbohydrates and more fats on days when sunbathing was my focus 😉


IF you stick to this principle and think about the concept of ‘metabolic flexibility’ you cant really go wrong.

BUT what about Dessert?

So again knowing I had dessert available there is a massive FOMO if your partner is tucking in to a chocolate feed and you sit with a walnut and a coffee bean.

Luckily the Strawberries in Corfu were like sweets (they were so sugary). Topped with greek yoghurt and a handful of nuts they became an excellent dessert which I had most days.

Think outside the box if you crave a sugar fix. Fruit in most hot countries tastes so different to that in the UK- if you mix it in with a little spoon of yogurt or a sprinkle of oats or nuts you can create your own dessert without ramping up the Kcal’s.

If you are a fan of fruit smoothies- check whats in them before you drink. I tend to drink smoothies on holidays only as a ‘carbohydrate’ addition, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t check what went in. If you can swap fruits for veggies or ask for water instead of yoghurt to avoid going overboard on calories. That is of course unless you are on project GAINZ (like some ;)… which case eat all you can fit in. …..


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