ITs not YOU its your TRAINING PLAN?

True Conversation overheard at the gym today – between two ladies following a training plan which consisted 0f 100 decline sit ups x 2 sets

“OMG this is so hard. It really hurts my back- Everything hurts. I just don’t think I’ll be able to finish it.

“Just think about your holiday- and the bikini bod- just two weeks away!”

“yes your right – I’ll do an extra 50. The problem is I don’t seem to be seeing any change. I’ve been training for 4 weeks now and still nothing. It may be the gin and tonics I don’t know….but I just don’t feel any better. I am sticking to the diet plan though just with a few cheats”

This conversation breaks both my heart (and my ears) to listen to, for so many reasons. There are many fellow gym goers like this, trying hard, putting (in their eyes) the ‘work in’ and getting no results. It pains me to watch some of the stuff that goes on in a gym, but most of all it pains me to think that people are ‘trying’ based on incorrect advice and not getting out what they ‘think’ they are putting in.

It feels like such a waste of motivation.

Does this sound familiar ?

There are so many reasons why a diet or fitness plan may fail. From my observations though, the biggest factor in this, relates to misconstrued’ or ‘inaccurate’ advice (ironically often found on the internet, or media). People believe what they read and see it as fact and follow the path of things that are sold to them, without having thought about whether it will work for them.

Now doing 100 decline sit ups for a ‘minority’ of people, amongst a carefully produced training plan, may have ‘some benefits’ but there is no doubt the benefits the ladies were seeking (ie a bikini bod) – will not be found. Their conversation sums up perfectly the mistakes I see day in day out.

-Its hard -it hurts-

Hence it must be doing good mentality?- Workouts which stimulate change in your muscle and fitness do push you outside of a comfort zone- and may induce discomfort. but just because something hurts it doesn’t mean it benefits you. Think about a tooth abscess- PAIN YES- BENEFIT NO. Bragging rights of pain in exercise are pretty out of date.

-I’ll train for ‘a holiday’.

Having a goal or something you want to look good for is great. It gives you a target but be realistic – if you are conditioned without injury or imbalance, know what you are doing in a gym- and are ‘spot on with nutrition, then your body will respond differently from someone with some of the factors working against them. Try to look at the ‘BIGGER picture’. Progress wont always be what you look like in a bikini. it could be feeling better, moving better, being more confident or even understanding HOW to get there as part of the journey. Beach holidays are over and done with in weeks – the rest of your life is the thing you should be focusing on.

-Doing MORE – is always BETTER-?

Moving more- dedicating yourself to another training session each week is great – but doing more of something that ‘hurts’-? Very rarely is this a good idea- and i’d save it for competitions or challenges…..PAIN is an indictor that something is wrong- it is an alert – if your back hurts performing an ab exercise -this is a sign something is not right.

-Continuing to repeat a training or fitness plan that ISNT WORKING-

Sooooooo common- and again a complete heartbreaker to watch. Training plans are not brain surgery BUT they do require someone who knows what they are talking about- THIS IS WHY good PERSONAL TRAINERS STUDY and spend time planning sessions for you. This is WHY they cost MONEY. INVEST in one. INVEST in YOU.

-I’m sticking to the diet plan- with a few cheats. I dislike the word cheat- I dislike the word diets- you don’t cheat on food, and to lose weight you should have to perform an extreme ‘diet’. You eat food which has a reaction with your body and mind. Knowing what your goal is and how you get there relies on you having knowledge about this, it also relies on you recognising certain things about the fuels you use within your own body. Carbs don’t make you fat- and likewise eating coconut oil and wheatgrass wont make you thin either. Its all relative but takes some tracking and some knowledge. If you need help with this- HIRE A TRAINER. A good PERSONAL TRAINER with a nutritional background can help advise you about food, exercise and fat loss.


The ladies in the gym looked like they were having a terrible time. Now this pains me more than any of the above. Training for health goals should not be a ‘punishment’. This doesn’t mean that every workout you do will leave you skipping from the gym singing …BUT it also doesn’t need to be something that is dreaded or continually disliked. Who wants to repeat something that they dread doing? Not many people thats for sure! FIND your GROOVE with exercise- find something you have passion about-find something that you LOVE –

Now on that note….pass me the kettlebell…….;)




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