THANK YOU ALL for helping me FOLLOW my DREAM (and my GUT).

So at VERY long last and after over a year spent on what seems like every waking minute working on this project…… I have ACCEPTED AN OFFER on my BOOK from a FANTASTIC PUBLISHER!

More news soon on the specific details….. but its safe to say that I am absolutely overwhelmed with happiness that my dream is finally coming to fruition.

And so I want to take the time to write to ALL of you who have shown me support with my love of helping others find balance with nutrition, fitness and hopefully a healthy attitude to food, which is what inspired me to write the concept of the book in the first instance.

Even if nutrition and fitness is not your thing, I hope that this inspires some of you to follow your gut. The gut feeling is one that is so often ignored in life. As socialised beings, its a sixth sense that we are almost bred now to ignore.


Sometimes in life you have to take a bit of a chance on yourself. You have to IGNORE the sensible side of you- the one that doubts-the one that tells you things wont work.The one that tells you, you aren’t good enough. The one that fears failure.

Ditch the FEAR


If something feels as though it ‘could or might work’ in life, and this is your passion- GO with your GUT.

It may take time. It may take patience, consistency and a bit of hard work, but whats the worst that can happen? You tried, it didn’t work out and you learnt something new?

I’m willing to bet if the gut tells you hard enough though – IT WILL and It CAN.

Every single enquiry, email, social media message, telephone call or conversation about my book (from many of YOU) has helped to keep me motivated and focused that one day, this would work, and could happen. Every little message no matter how big or small has helped me ignore any feelings of doubt.

Finally the hard work feels now like its been worth while. I still have a lot to do though so I’ll keep you posted of the progress, and PLEASE help me continue to share the SuperSlaw love when the time comes.



ps. Special THANK you’s go to Juliette (who gave me a gentle motivational kick up the glutes to believe in myself),  IronMan Ash (who has been moping up any feelings of doubt ..along with lots of leftover SuperSlaw from the kitchen floor for quite some time…..) and of course my incredible agents Graham Maw Christie -Jen – thank you for having faith – xx




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  1. Lottie says:

    Wow!! This just popped up on my Facebook feed! What a fantastic achievement! Goes to show anything is possible when you follow your dreams.

    Congratulations and good luck with it all.



    1. Thank you so much Lottie Moore!-this is very sweet – Super Excited – x


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