Writing about Inspiration today comes with a heavy heart having just returned from the funeral of a lady who has dumb founded not only me, but the thousands of onlookers, family, friends and fans following her strength, positive attitude and fight against cancer over the past two years.

I have to say I came home, feeling sad, but also in awe about the word that was repeatedly used to describe her and her family.


And indeed she is, (and I’m sure will continue to be so, for many more years to come).

Acknowledging the privacy of her nearest and dearest I don’t feel it appropriate to share private details within this blog. But what i can say without any shadow of a doubt is that her spirit remains alive, through both her and her families’ inspirational fight at a time when most would crumble. It made me question would or could I ever be the same if faced with such a challenge? I stand here feeling humbled at the thought.

Being a true inspiration to others is how most of us should ‘aim to live’. But do we really think about this as being part of our goals or drivers in life?

Very rarely I would say.

Nice house, family, car, good job- financially stable- but do any of these things live on after we have gone? And do any of these things inspire or live on in the thoughts, hearts, minds and actions of others?

Too often or not the day to day routine of life, leads us to forget the things that matter. When we look at role models (or even when we become them to others ) whether that be in our jobs, family life, in the media or even in our local gym. Think about this and think about the message you are trying to present or learn from and to others.

Are you aiming to give a message of strength + compassion?

Do you aim to motivate or inspire?

Too often I have come to think that motivation is overrated. Anyone can motivate someone else to do something to,  but it doesn’t always last, and can involve a process of what I believe to be indirect manipulation.

Inspiring others is much more pure. It is more often than not passive with a lack of motive. It is often by those who are most humbled or in my experience those who are most challenged in life, but show true strength in holding their sh*t together when a lesser man or women would simply fail.

Working in the fitness and health industry provides me with the biggest issues in term of positive role models. Am I inspired by the leanest trainers with the biggest muscles-or the females who look the slickest in their gym kit-? to be honest – no- (although I can respect to a degree their dedication) I make no apologies that they will vey rarely inspire me.

More often than not I find myself inspired by the athlete who overcomes his injury and manages to complete again.

I am inspired by dedication and commitment to showing strength no matter what shape or form this comes in.

The women living life confined to a wheelchair who manages to stay sane, or those who manage to retain warmth and kindness for others even when they feel weak. This to me shows the true strength of the human body and spirit. The fight to go on at times of challenge. The fight to teach others a lesson that they can positively use or share in life.

This for me, is Inspiration.

So when you next look longingly at a female model in a magazine-looking super hot in her bikini, pouting into a camera, wanting her body and calling her your inspiration- ask yourself truly- is this the message I want to live on within me and pass to others in life? I can guarantee when you say it out loud it wont be.

And so I leave you with this thought – however it is you treat others, think, feel or whatever it is you fill your life with –

Leave a lasting positive impression-






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