Do you lack body confidence? Read on


Do you have a poor body image, low self esteem and loss of confidence, but feel trapped in the same day to day routine (that doesn’t seem to be working)……

Does it make you feel helpless and unhappy?

The reality of many people in the modern age is that life can be tough. Pressure to look good, eat well, be a bright and tight human-being has never been so immense and this doesn’t even touch onto the fact we are all meant to work hard- play hard and be the best wife-husband-daughter-son that a family could ask for.

Many issues can lead to us feeling down in the dumps about how we look and feel. And sometimes its not as simple as switching on an exercise DVD, or a meditation app- to try and fit in some ‘good health time’ to switch things around.

The reason I don’t like wearing nail polish – is because I don’t like feeling helpless. And the feeing of unhappiness often goes hand in hand with a feeling of helplessness.

To stay stuck in a situation which is making us unhappy- brings about that exact same feeling as the ‘nail polish drying’ issue. You feel restricted, despite the fact you ‘think’ the cosmetic change you are creating will make a difference to your image, and hence happiness.

So what can I do to try and change the thought patterns- the negative self talk- the body shaming you place on yourself every time you get dressed for the day?

Lets start by thinking outside the box. Don’t rely on external factors to ‘fix everything’. Red nail polish looks great on some nicely filed nails- but it really isn’t going to turn that frown upside down for long.

Build your self esteem


Self esteem and confidence are inexplicably linked. If you feel mentally or physically stronger, you automatically feel on the front foot when dealing with challenge. Low self esteem can manifest in multiple ways from you not taking good care of yourself to feeling like the world is against you. But changing things to a positive, is hard when you are stuck in a negative….


Challenge yourself – Learn something NEW -that will make you feel strong.

Learning a new skill is scary.

You may fail.

But you may also win.

You may make new friends and create a new positive routine.

You can also bring about a new dimension to the way you think. This is exactly what you should aim for if you meet the helpless nail polish criteria outlined above.

Learning takes skill and practice- challenging parts of the brain that are often underused in adult hood. Whether it be doing a push up from scratch, or learning how to chuck a kettlebell around in a complex- think about when the last time you learnt a new skill? As we grow as adults we tend to stick with comfort zones more and more- This is why when we age we often find new environments harder to adapt to.

Learning helps to provide a greater range of perspective in life -taking us from narrow ‘the world is against me’ type thought processes…often to a more rational and positive way of thinking.

Learning has been proven to help people adapt to new situations. This is a great way of improving self esteem or a lack of confidence. Not being afraid to place yourself in diverse situations in life is a brilliant way of deepening character and gaining socially interactive skills.

In my own personal experience I enjoy challenging the body by learning new skills which will help compliment my strength base-once I took this on as a mantra in life I have never looked back.

Becoming physically strong has created mental strength and confidence that I never had before-its also completely changed the way I look and feel about my body. Gone are the days I worry about what colour nail polish I wear……….

Is it easy – no-

Do I always get it right -no!

But whatever I do experiment with, I try and make sure I learn from each and every experience-

Its all part of life’s rich tapestry

IF you are interested in developing your confidence and working with Jill?



MONDAY 31st Manchester 6.45AM

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