How I become a Ninja on a Monday?


What a Monday Monday its been today! I have felt the full force of the Manchester wind and rain, adding in ‘not much sleep’ this weekend + a 5.30am start – it’s fair to say I have been embracing my ‘Inner Ninja’!

So what to do on days when you feel too tired- too blue- too ‘Monday’ to carry on with your routine?

You ACT like a Ninja.

In other words you fake it! You have no energy. But no-one will know this because as we all know, Ninjas are highly trained at a particularly skill or activity. They never look tired and they certainly don’t let lack of sleep get in the way of their daily routine.

So how do I turn myself from a bundle of bedclothes to a fighting machine?

Here are some of my top tips so you can Act like a Ninja Too (and not fall foul of letting the Monday-est of Mondays get in the way of your commitment to change).

-If you start your morning feeling tired and irritable, this can impact on the energy levels you need throughout the remainder of the day. So try not to think about the enormity of the FULL day ahead. And start to think in ‘chunks of time’.

For example. If you know you have 16 meetings to attend before you can hit the gym tonight, by which time you simply KNOW you’ll be too tired….… Avoid thinking about the end of the day. Try  mentally focusing on each meeting an hour at a time. Think in bite size chunks. Science shows that the brain responds well to focused and concentrated blocks of time. This will make the day go faster and allow stress to remain at a minimum.

Start the day with exercise. THIS WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER. Now this may seem counter productive and the type of exercise you choose will dictate the impact this has on you and you’re energy production. However -in my experience MOST PEOPLE train better in the morning BEFORE the day has absorbed or utilised extra energy requirements.

The benefit of morning activity is huge and includes you being able to release endorphins (happy hormones) earlier on in the day- this sets up a brilliant positive mood frame to carry on until you can hit the sack again. Check out my ‘do you struggle to get up in the morning LIFE HACKS  for tips on how to get up a little earlier each day.

-Be a Ninja Radiator and Not a Ninja Drainer. Now this is easier said than done when moods are low,- but try and think about those who you will encounter throughout the day and how your energy can impact on them.

I always like to think “if this was my last day on earth -what would those around me say about their last encounter with me today”. This is a little melancholy thinking, I guess, but it may also give you a wake up call to how you impact on others.

Think about how you can ‘heat people up’-lift their spirits. Ask them about their day. Laugh. Smile. Make someone a coffee. Warmth from others will soon bounce back and help give you a new lease of energy that you need. Energy can be faked. The good news is it can also be restored easily by those around you.

-Think like a Ninja-

Ninjas are highly skilled at their particularly activity. Tell yourself you are too- you can- you will and you will excel. There is a lot to be said for people who exude confidence and positive spirits- simply by ‘looking like they know what they are doing’! Walk tall- Imagine you are being followed secretly by a camera each day filming your every move, and ready to feed this back to the world? What would you want the film to show? Ninja like qualities I have no doubt.

-And finally – Dress in your power colour. Now everyone that knows me well knows that mine is black! I will walk around looking like I have walked straight from Ninja school (even if I have never been to Japan), 6 days out of 7!  This may seem silly but wearing colours that make you feel strong- happy- or mentally calm can have an influence on your mood. Have that POWER outfit on standby- Dig it out for days when Monday calls for Ninjas !

Good Luck and Enjoy-


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