Good Health = LETTING GO of things HOLDING you BACK?!


When is the last time you LET GO of something that provides security and comfort

that was holding you back from progression?

Well- I did on Sunday – Yay me! ……when I cautiously skated around the Manchester Ice Rink unaided!

I am no Jane Torveill let me tell you, and as someone who is pretty risk adverse when it comes to injuries (I cant afford the time off to be honest) it would have been very easy to keep clinging onto the comfort of the barrier- alongside a multitude of nervous children who were also too afraid to let go. When you are overtaken by a 5 year old though…. it was time to, ahem, ‘put my skates on’ and rethink.

Slowly but surely, as I built up the confidence in my own ability, to stand on my own two bladed feet. I managed to prise my fingers away from the safety of the ice rink wall and LET GO.

No-one to hold onto. Just me to take charge of my own movement. And off I went with my new found freedom (which was really fun by the way -I strongly advise it to anyone for a little winter outdoor treat).

Now I don’t think I’ll be doing any big lifts on the ice, any time soon but it made me think about the frequency with which we like to cling onto things that more often than not hold us back from progressing in life.

All too often we cling to routine- comfort- and safety. Whether it be a relationship- a pattern of behaviour or repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

If a Life ‘Style’ is not making you progress- then why keep doing it? Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

This can relate to many areas of our lives. Whether it be a habit of eating foods that you know are not ‘healthful’, or socialising with people that ultimately make you unhappy, or encourage you to fail in your goals.

Christmas is coming and the Christmas Party season is in full force. Clients are already beginning to cancel sessions, having ‘overdone it at the weekend’, and soon enough we will separate those that will make it through the other side and those that will keeping doing the ‘same old thing’ expecting a different result.

Learning to LET GO of things that hold you back is hard. There is no question about this. Change is challenging for anyone. Humans seek routine and regularity. But ultimately LETTING GO of things that are not helping you PROGRESS is down to you. As a responsible adult. I think we owe it to ourselves to live in a way which brings out the best in us. We owe it ourselves to take part in things that make us happy, and spend time with people that make us feel loved.

“I am comfortable doing the same exercise routine. I know how to do it and I don’t feel confident in the gym doing anything else. I may look silly if I don’t know how to use the equipment”

“I am comfortable in my relationship. I am not living the life I would like to live, but I don’t want to face the discomfort of breaking up”

“I am comfortable with being overweight. The enormity of the change i would have to make to change is too much to face”

These statements are not uncommon, whether people admit them or not. We cling onto things, out of routine and security, even though we know they are not helping us be best we can be.

Forget New Years Resolutions- Make an Old Year Resolution to LET GO.

-End the year with some thoughts on what has held you back this year. Name one thing you could LET GO of, that provides you with comfort and security.

-Write it down.

-Write an action next to it- how can you plan for the discomfort associated with letting go?

How will you cope- how will you succeed? Write an action plan of people-places- habits that can support you to make this happen.

-Write down anything that could get in the way. Then counter this again with actions that would help you overcome these areas.

-Now write down -the benefits you will receive from LETTING GO.


LETTING GO – takes action. It takes commitment. Ditch the procrastination.

Once you do it – a new found freedom will be yours. When we let go of negatives in our lives it makes space for personal growth and change, and you’ll soon be the one doing pirouettes with your skates on!

If you need help in making change – and letting go of unhealthful habits-


Contact Jill at


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