How Getting your teeth straightened is just like having a personal trainer?

How having your Teeth Straightened is just like having a Personal Trainer?

So I am arriving at my one year ‘braces’ anniversary in the not to distant future.

Eeeeek the excitement! (yes I know its semi vein but its the closest I’ll ever get to plastic surgery, and its a life long dream of mine to have straight teeth so hey -why not-I like a challenge after all 😉

For anyone who has ever gone through the Invisalign (see through removable braces) experience before, you will KNOW exactly what I am talking about when you get your first set of retainers and thoughts such as “I will NEVER EVER be able to stick to this….followed by “Life is going to be SO much HARDER from now on”…..enter your head.

You feel strange. Things are ‘uncomfortable’ and you just cant see how you will get used to the them until one day ….something magical happens… notice that things seem easier and progress has been made.

So how has my braces experience helped me reflect about the experience many of us have to go through to attain fitness and progress with a trainer?

A few noteworthy pointers to get your teeth into (sorry I know…thats terrible)

  • Firstly – The transitions of life being comfortable and fluid, to life being all about consciously planning. It becomes more difficult in any ways. You have to change your habits. Change your routine. Change the most basic of mundane tasks (even how you eat, when you eat and when you brush your teeth). This is exactly the same as starting a new programme of fitness. At the time you think you will NEVER get used to the change. But as the weeks and months go by, repetition makes things easier and ‘normalised’. Soon you don’t really know what all the fuss was about. But this only comes with TIME. You have to learn to ‘grit your teeth and bear it’.
  • Motivation dips in and out. You cant even remember why you wanted straight teeth in the first place (or to get fit!). You have lost the end goal because progress is slow. Moving the teeth in your mouth is not only a slow process but is also a bit of an ‘unknown’. The dentist takes a (very) educated guesstimate and works on the best available data at the time (ie teeth moulds). This is exactly what working with a personal trainer is about. Progress can sometimes take time, and will be different for everyone. When this happens, motivation will most likely dip, and you can lose track, giving a f**k it mentality.  This is actually the time when the habits of wearing your braces or working out, can break.Try and keep the end goal in mind. You are paying towards something that you need to Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  • You put a lot of faith in another human being to make things work (ie the dentist). Ultimately however the success of the braces and the teeth straightening, and the success of any fitness plan is how well you stick to it. I could lie to my dentist and tell him I wear the braces when I happily sit them in a glass at home- but where would that leave my teeth? This is the same as working with a trainer. They will teach you what you need to know. They will give you the tools and try and support you to help you take action. Ultimately however the success of progress is how hard you want to work and how much effort you want to put in.

-And last but not least “good things come to those who wait” (and I’ll add in here-those who have patience and commitment). I remember asking about the length of time it would take to attain my perfect smile- and whilst a time frame was given it was always made clear this was a bit of an unknown. I now realise the enormity of moving a part of your body that has been the same for a very long time. This is reflective of anyone who is weak, overweight or lacks general fitness. Small steps over time build a foundation of strength towards your end goal. The small steps all add up, it you cannot expect instant results if you want them to last. Commitment and Patience is all part of the ride.This will take you where you want to be- which whatever your goal- will hopefully end with a nice big smile on your face.

If you want help with personal training or health habits- get in touch!





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