New Years Resolution ? Be INSPIRED



As the year draws to a close, its a time for many of us to reflect back on our achievements, goals and most importantly to make new exciting plans for the forthcoming months in 2017.

Looking back over the past year, its pretty easy to see why I am feeling long overdue for a holiday. Like many I have dedicated a lot of my time to work, trying many angles to progress, whilst sustaining two very contrasting jobs, and developing a brand, writing a book for release in the new year.

Feeling tired, somewhat overworked and a little sorry for myself, its easy to forget the progress I have made in the last year and I’m feeling somewhat reflective of the things that have kept me motivated, or most importantly INSPIRED along the way. Inspirations who have, for the most part, come from the most unlikeliest of sources.

Inspirations in life are underrated. It will serve you well to find them. Finding a spark from somewhere though can lead onto big and wonderful things which you never quite know where will lead you to end up.

I’ve always said that trying to ‘motivate’ yourself (or others) is often ‘overrated’ and relied upon too much as a quick fix solution. Unless a person learns how to develop an inner self belief, driven by (in my opinion) an inspiration of others, motivation often lacks. Motivation drifts. Inspirations are forever.

I’ll never forget sitting (around 5 years ago), in a shack in Thailand, on a yoga programme, and coming across an online clip of a female taking part in a Kettlebell Certificate. At the time it was known as one of the most gruelling and challenging Certs you could take part in. I watched her talk about her dedication to her training (taking her kettlebells on a hen do). I also watched her toil of trying to achieve the right weight. I watched in awe and told myself I could never do that.

Returning back to England with a tropical disease and a lack of strength (I did a lot of serious yoga- not much else), I ended up meeting a man who introduced me to the ‘proper’ world of strength training. I’d lifted weights before sure- but working with him made me realise I had ‘potential’ for more. He inspired me to see myself as physically strong and capable.

Having someone around you who believes in your ability is paramount to any success.

When I later came up with the idea of a 5KM Bear Crawl, he was the one person (after telling me I was mad), who insisted I would be able to achieve it. I had a million others, who told me I couldn’t.

These events were an integral part of my strength journey which has only grown since this time, allowing my self belief to grow. I have subsequently met a trainer who helped me lift double my own bodyweight for reps. I work with him now towards growth. He later helped me train towards the very kettlebell certificate I watched the female in the clip complete.

After a number of personal difficulties I later met a man who inspired me to go above and beyond with my brand, encouraging me to write a book which is now due to be published. Inspired by many social media food enthusiasts who encouraged me to think I could also do as well as them.

Surrounding yourself with people who inspire, or believe in you is SO important in life. Equally, is having appropriate admiration of others. Its very easy to get caught up in comparison or jealousy in this world, but knowing the difference between these negative feelings and the alternative interpretation  of admiring those who can help encourage you to change unhelpful habits, or even have that little bit extra self belief, is paramount.

Let yourself be inspired by others who you come across in every day life, directly or indirectly. Think about how others can help you achieve and progress.

I am inspired by my mum who copes with complete mobility through illness in day to day life. She teaches the lesson of persistence.

I am inspired by the lady who feeds the birds in the park EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is without fail, any weather, rain, darkness, hale, you name it. She walks with a significant limp. I spoke to her once and she told me her story of her survival of a brain haemorrhage, and her constant discomfort when she walks. She is happy to be alive and shows this through her feeding of the birds. They follow her around like Mary Poppins! This is inspiration at its most raw. She shows commitment, through struggle.

I am inspired by the client who sticks to her programme. She starts off weak or immobile, only to later gain enough strength to throw kettlebells around, pick her husband up off the floor even! You name it she now believes she can achieve it.

I am inspired by the young mum who fits healthy eating, and regular training in around a job and three children. She shows if you want something you can make it happen.

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from a grand event.

Yes athletes, and many famous celebrities  are inspirational. But don’t forget about those closest to you, people who you encounter on a day to day basis.

I will leave this with you as you plan new years resolutions, as my final blog of the year

Let others help to motivate you- into inspired action.

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone and a super strong new year.



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