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Let me introduce myself as Jill the #’KettlebellWarrior’. I LOVE kettlebells, food and the world of strength training. I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry for over 13 years, helping change the body, minds and strength base of my clients-using a range of disciplines.

I LOVE ALL FOOD and hate DIETS. This is why I am on a personal MISSION to share my experiences and thoughts with you about the industry I work in. I believe in developing the strength of everyone I work with. I want you to lead a healthful, happier and balanced approach to eating and living.

Believe me when I say I have ‘been there and done that’ in the world of fitness. From a High Carb endurance runner to a Low Carb High Intensity Training Addict, I have ‘worn every tee-shirt’, and watched my body shape change in so many ways- some good, some not so good. I want to share my journey with others and prove to you – you can EAT -Ditch the DIET and still gain a healthy fit and lean body. This is what has driven me to the strength training world that I now work with, live with and LOVE today.

So a Bit about :- ‘Jill The KettlebellWarrior’

With qualifications in Personal and Group Training,  I have pushed myself outside of the ‘average trainer boundaries’. I have meditated with the master Yogis in Thailand- completing the Agama meditation Yoga Programme (www.agamayoga.com) with no previous experience of yoga. I’ve swung kettlebells with the Russians, certified with the prestigious Strong First Kettlebell Certification (www.strongfirst.com) in the UK. Perhaps one of my craziest challenges yet was the completion of the (unconventional) fitness feat a 3 Mile Bear Crawl across Manchester for the Race For Life Organisation. I was told it couldn’t be done. I proved it could. Every year I set myself a goal to achieve. This is what keeps me motivated to learn and experience what the body is capable of achieving.

The ethos of the STRONGFIRST community inspired me to form the warrior like programming for my KETTLEBELL GROUP and use this system for training clients.  A unique, challenging form of training which WORKS without the need to spend hours in a gym on a treadmill or risking injury through boot-camp drill training.

I have personally experienced both strength gains and huge changes in my body composition through the use of KETTLEBELL and strength TRAINING. I am now a firm believer in developing strength of both the body and mind of my client base.

‘Anti diet-anti detox- anti gimmick’ in my approach. I fundamentally believe that all training should revolve around focused, long term lasting change, making you FIT FOR LIFE and STRONG FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

I am now proud to be certified as an ‘Eat to Perform’ coach, certified with science based theory taught by professionals who focus on a progressive, and unrestrictive way of eating to gain the maximum performance from body and mind.

Simple Health based Food choices are my passion. I want to share this with a wider audience. I’m also currently working with a literary agent with a view to striking my first  publishing deal -on my debut recipe book -SuperSlaw-  So WATCH THIS SPACE!

Phew- Now tell me more about YOU! ?


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